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About overseas warehouse machine in stock

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Machines in overseas warehouses have priority to ship from overseas warehouses, with fast arrival time and no customs duties.

Statistics as of May 12, 2020

Europe:  D01(only 1),  D01 (with Enclosure),  Ultrabot-LCD55, X5SA ProX5SA-400(only 1)X5SA-2E, X5SA-500 Pro, X5ST-500-2E, X5SA

    X5SA (to be added), X5SA-2E (to be added), X5SA-500-2E (to be added), X5SA-500 Pro (to be added), XY-2 Pro (to be added), X5SA-400 (to be added), X5SA-500 (to be added), X5SA-400-2E (to be added),

US:  D01 (with Enclosure),  Ultrabot-LCD55,  X5SA Pro, X5SA-400

    X5SA-400 (to be added) X5SA (to be added),XY-2 Pro (to be added)

Russia: X5SA , Ultrabot-LCD55(only 4)XY-2 Pro

    XY-2 Pro (to be added), Ultrabot-LCD55(to be added) X5SA (to be added)

Brazil: XY-2 Pro,  X5SA

    X5SA(to be added)

Australia: X5SA Pro

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