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2020 Big sale Tronxy C2 3D Printer, only shipped to China

2020 Big sale Tronxy C2 3D Printer, only shipped to China Item NO.: C2

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  • 【3.5 inches touch screen】
  • 【High speed steel+ABS bearing idler wheel】
  • 【Direct extruder】
  • 【Double fan design】
  • 【Injection molding integrated levelling nut】
Product Name 2020 Big sale Tronxy C2 3D Printer, only shipped to China
Item NO. C2
Weight 10 kg = 22.0462 lb = 352.7396 oz
Category 3D Printer > C2
Brand Tronxy
Creation Time 2020-06-17



I've been wanting to buy a 3D printer for a long time, and I know there are many fellow tech enthusiasts on the fence about this, so I'm posting this review to hopefully help someone make.the decision.

This is the first 3D printer I ever bought - got this because of the low price and it's compactness. At first glance, the frame of the printer is very sturdy and easy to carry around. It is very easy to set up and there's no assembly required at all. I just had to plug in the power cord and attach the filament and it was ready to go!

The 3D printer comes with slicing software which is very easy to use. All I had to do was drag a 3D model into it select how fast I wan to print (faster, less precise vs slower and more precise) and I had a .GCODE file with the sliced 3D model. Then all I had to do was copy the model to the provided SD card, insert it into the printer and click print. The printer automatically warmed up and started printing. The SD card comes with a sample 3D model, the slicing software for windows and a sample GCODE file. So everything you need to use the printer comes in the box and you don't need to install anything! The software also has options to scale the model along X, Y and Z axis to make sure it fits in the printer, because the size of the objects this 3D printer can print is limited by it's relatively small size.

Printing filament is also included. it's pretty good, there's no smell from it while the printer is printing, and the prints are pretty sturdy, so it's good quality.

The only cons of this printer are that it's small so you can't print large things. And it's quite slow, the small dog I printed , took 1.5 hours with the fast printing option. but still, worth it!

Overall I think it's a very good first 3D printer for people who want to get into 3D printing. It's easy to set up and use, doesn't require much skills, and is much cheaper than most other 3D printers out there. So if you aren't sure if you want to get into 3D printing, I say go for it, it's fun and totally worth it!



This is my second 3-D printer that I have owned. The first one that I owned was a Robo r1+. Although that printer had a large printing area I could never really get it to print super accurately and was constantly calibrating it. I ended up selling it because I could never quite get it to work right.

I bought this 3-D printer because it seems super easy to use and I like that it had a small footprint as I never really print anything that large anyway. This printer prints extremely accurately and well right out of the box with zero calibration. I really like the removable bad because it makes it really easy to get the items that you have printed off of the printing bad. The software that comes with is plenty powerful enough to print pretty much anything that you want. It comes with an SD card so that you don’t have to buy one. Even the filament that it comes with seems high-quality and I have printed some pretty strong things with such as bag clips. Overall I am very satisfied with this printer and I have had it printing nonstop for the last two weeks. Not a single print hasn’t turned out well. The only drawback to its accuracy is that it does print very slowly. Things that would take my last printer a half hour to print takes this printer 2 hours. But slow and steady wins the race, as the prince from this printer turn out high quality and accurate.

I would recommend this printer to anyone who is just getting into 3-D printing and wants some thing that works right out of the box without being intensely involved with constant calibrations.



This was a gift for my nephew, but I've been helping him use it and it is SO fun! We've made little knick knacks, a toothbrush holder, and even a guitar pick! I have never owned a 3D printer or used one, and I was able to figure it out relatively quickly (with the help of my nephew). We just went on a free website to download the files and used the application that the printer comes with to convert the files into ones that the printer can read. The USB it comes with has all of the instructions with it and even comes with a little starter design to print. They have even placed video instruction files on the USB to made things even clearer. You have to have your files ready and converted on the SD card, then turn the printer on and feed the filament through the feeder piece on the top. Once the filament is snug, toggle the switch in the back to either side. Once you see the filament coming out of the other end, you put the switch back to the middle, plug your SD card in, and press the button. Then the magic happens! I would recommend googling the website called thingiverse. This is where we were able to find all of the fun objects to make! Also, it may be much easier to remove the objects from the printer platform if you place an even layer of tape on it, as we had a difficult time removing some of the prints. Just my two cents.
The printer's design is also something that drew me to purchase it-- it reminds me of a space ship or some kind of futuristic invention. I would definitely consider this a beginner 3d printer for its size limits and capabilities, but it can still make most objects. Its noise level is relatively low as well, as my nephew was able to sleep through its printing in his room throughout the night with no issues. The only thing that gets a little annoying is how long it can take to print (sometimes several hours). Other than that, I have no complaints. I highly recommend!
-Easy to set up and use right away
-Comes with everything needed to start printing
-Doesn't make a lot of noise
-Educational for kids
-May not be able to print extremely detailed prints
-Can take several hours for more difficult prints

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