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Tronxy X5SA-500 PRO 3D Printer 500*500*600mm + Free Gift
Tronxy X5SA-500 PRO 3D Printer 500*500*600mm + Free Gift

X5SA-500 Pro + G1

US$ 886.60 US$ 1364.00
Reviews (8)
  • 2020-07-29
    Premesso che ho gia' costruito da zero una stampante 3D, questo kit e' veramente facile da assemblare. Serve un po' di manualita' ed attenzione sopratutto per livellare l'asse e ovviamente livellare correttamente il piatto di stampa.Al momento ho fatto delle prime prove con l'ABS e i risultati sono soddisfacenti, anche la rumorosita' e' piu' che accettabile.
  • 2020-07-08
    First 3d printer. Received this Father's Day after watching tons of reviews. All the positive reviews are justified. Had this assembled and running in short order. Had to spend a little time learning about supports, skirts, temps, etc on a slicer---but within handful of attempts, was getting nice prints. Three weeks in, everything is working perfectly, the bed levels and holds level really nicely through many prints. The magnetic bed mat works as advertised, with excellent adhesion and easy removal of prints. I'm hooked. I was prepared for lots of trial and error, some frustration---have encountered very few issues, and zero hardware-related issues. Highly recommend.
  • 2020-06-19
    So far so good. Got this for my kids for Christmas, but gave it to them at Thanksgiving. It took some time to put together, and then the downloads weren’t really working right, so it took a day for me to get the program up and running. Showed them how to use it and they’ve been off and running. My kids are pretty artistic too, so they love being able to print then paint and they have been making tons of Christmas gifts for family and friends. They have long lists of what they want to print and they have a cue of prints. Some of my kids are home during the day, so the printer is running from morning to night.
    We quickly upgraded the springs, and that was a HUGE time saver.
    For reference my kids range from preschool- high school and they all use it in varying degrees.
    Also, if you do buy this there are some really great Facebook groups that can help with any questions you have. I wish I had found them before I spent so much time with the software.
  • 2020-05-29
    One of the biggest challenges with using reviews to decide/influence a purchase is getting past the I loved it or I hated it to get to product details relevant to you. After all, I think we're all painfully aware that reviews can be bought and that frankly, some people can never be pleased. This is especially true when the product is 1) expensive, 2) complex, and 3) unfamiliar to you. For me, this printer was all three. I couldn't even begin to tell you how many articles and videos I reviewed to try and get a handle on the various options before I pulled the trigger. This is compounded by the fact that 3D printing is still an industry somewhat in its infancy. Sure, the tech has been around for more than a decade, but for most of that time it was largely the playground of technical enthusiasts. For example, until fairly recently most 3D printing guides still included advice about buying a can of hairspray to make the printing surface sticky enough to hold the filament in place, a technique that has largely been made obsolete by advances in printing surfaces. As an outsider with no real knowledge of 3D printing or plastics, the presence of so many ad-hoc solutions to technical problems was a real red flag. I'm just looking for a reasonably reliable way to print interesting and useful parts.

    I've printed about a dozen pieces so far and every one had uniformly excellent print quality. Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printers like this that build objects by laying down thin layers of melted filament don't build truly smooth surfaces from the side (because the side is actually many different layers stacked on top of each other), but this printer has such thin layers that I had to bring the objects right up close with a light shining on the surface to see the lines. FDM printers have a resolution that is specified by the minimum thickness of each layer, and the 3DWOX1 just qualifies as a high resolution printer with a resolution of 50 microns in the maximum quality slow mode. The very best printers I've seen go down to 10 microns; by way of comparison a typical sheet of copy paper is about 50 microns thick. It's worth noting that while 3D printers often specify minimum thickness, which in the x, y, and z coordinate system is the smallest thickness in the z (height) dimension, few if any printers seem to specify resolution in the x and y dimensions, and I don't think it's the same. You see the effects of this the most when an object has a curve in the x y plane; rather than being smooth, it tends to have small blocky ridges where the printer tried to create a smooth slope.

    Once you have setup the printer and printed the built-in test objects and are looking for things to print, I highly recommend checking out the Thingiverse website, which has literally millions of free objects of every conceivable type for you to download. The objects are packaged in stl files, which are kind of like CAD drawings I think. Before you can actually print them though you'll need to convert them into gcode, which is the language 3D printers actually understand.

    This is getting a little long, so let me just summarize: I am very happy with this printer so far, but I went into it accepting that it was a little restrictive on materials, a little expensive both up front and in maintenance, and is really designed for people looking for a low-hassle way to print objects out of basic materials.For people like me who are brand new to the whole 3D printing concept, it makes for a very gentle introduction into that world.
  • 2020-05-03
    This is my first 3d printer and after many recommendations from other people I know I bought this. When you get this printer the first thing you will notice is how well it is packaged. Everything is laid out in bags and all the tools required to build it ar included. Everything fit and even taking my time it was about a 2-3 hour build. It was not hard at all to build however there is a wonderful video on youtube which goes step by step on how to assemble this. I highly recommend watching the video while you assemble it because the video gives extra steps on how to adjust the bed which the included instructions do not address. This is VERY important to get correct. My first prints were using ABS and there were issues with bonding and if you are a first time printer I recommend using PLA. Using PLA I have had no issues at all. This thing is very accurate and I have printed knurled bolts and the knurl comes out awesome.
  • 2020-03-08
    Excellent Printer, nice construction. Check the manual before printing as was set high on mine, but easy to fix.
  • 2020-03-02
    Je suis un amateur d 'imprimante 3D, la x5sa - 500 pro de tronxy est Ma 3ème machine, dès réception de l' imprimante, j 'ai assemblé l' imprimante conformément aux instructions figurant dans le cahier des charges, le processus d 'installation s' est bien déroulé.Je suis très heureux d 'avoir cette machine, j' espère que je pourrai m 'entendre avec l' imprimante tronxy à l 'avenir.
  • 2020-01-27
    Go for it ... it will makes you feel happy