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TRONXY X5SA-400 Pro 3D Printer 400*400*400mm

TRONXY X5SA-400 Pro 3D Printer 400*400*400mm Item NO.: X5SA-400-Pro

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US$ 495.03
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X5SA-400 Pro(Titan and guide rail)
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Czech(To EU Country Only) United State(To US Only) Russia(To RU Only) China

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  • 【Sticker do not have edge warping】,
  • 【Aluminium profile struture】,
  • 【Auto leveling】,
  • 【Filament run-out detection】,
  • 【Power failure resume print】,
  • 【Touch screen】,
  • 【It is a DIY assembly machine. It is more suitable for some enthusiasts with 3D printing experience to buy. Of course, if you are a DIY enthusiast or a beginner who is willing to spend a lot of time to assemble and learn 3D printing, you can also choose to buy】
Product Name TRONXY X5SA-400 Pro 3D Printer 400*400*400mm
Item NO. X5SA-400-Pro
Weight 18 kg = 39.6832 lb = 634.9313 oz
Category 3D Printer > X5SA-400 Series > X5SA-400 Pro
Tag TRONXY X5SA-400 3D Printer , X5SA-400 Pro
Brand Tronxy
Creation Time 2020-07-08



The shipping was ultra fast, i received this printer in less than a week, amazing! (Germany) Also, had no missing parts whatsoever and i even have some spare screws.It is huge, just need to learn how to fine tune it now. Tronxy support is also great! So this is a really nice company and give a good product at some very good price point
Service:Glad to recieved your well recieved, enjoy your printing. Your Support and encouragement are the motivation for our work, thank you.



I've been 3d printing for several years now and i've owned my fair share of fdm printers and have always favored my printers with direct drive extruders. I print A LOT of TPU and I would always struggle with the filament bunching up in the extruder and had many difficulties feeding the filament. When i'd somehow get a successful tpu print from a bowden printer it just never seemed to have the same quality as those coming off my direct drive printers. Well, I recently had a large job that required me to print many large parts in flex filament and decided I wanted a new printer as my two remaining direct drive printers are certainly showing their age. I've been a fan of Tronxy machines for a while so I decided to check out their current offerings and came across this X5SA 400 Pro. I noticed that it includes many features that my older printers do not have such as a touchscreen, filament runout detection, resume print after power loss. At the price I definitely had to try it out and i'm certainly glad I did.

Unboxing and setup was a breeze but that is to be expected from most non-kit 3d printers these days. What I did notice after unboxing was how sturdy and heavy the frame is. This is not a flimsy printer that you'll need to add braces to. Anyways, the kit included many extras that you normally do not get when you purchase a printer. Extra nozzles and an additional hot end with the thermistor and heat cartridge preinstalled that plugs into the board directly above the hot end. This is a HUGE bonus in my book as routing heater cartridge wires through a wire bundle or cable chain when replacing is an enormous pain in the butt. The printer also included a full roll of white pla and several small sample sizes of random colored pla that allow you to calibrate and tweak the printer before you open up the sealed roll of white.