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Tronxy 3D printing saves you $5000 in cost

When 3D printing meets auto parts

Universal joint, is a mandatory mechanical connection between rotating shafts. The rotating shafts are usually not parallel but intersect. The joint consists of a pair of ordinary hinges with a relative orientation of 90°, so that they can be turned in any direction. They are used to transmit movement, power or both. The simplest and most common type is called Cardan connector or Hooke connector. It is still widely used in vehicle transmission 

Tronxy 3D printing saves you $5000 in cost

Before the metal mold is formed, 3D printing can be used to assemble in advance, check the size and whether the design matches The mold opening cost is at least $2000 - $5000, and the metal manufacturing cost is also extremely high. Using 3D printing technology to design a model can not only save time and energy, but also save high mold opening costs. What are you waiting for! Take action now!


XY-3 Pro 

D01 + Mask


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