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TRONXY X5SA Pro 3D Printer 330*330*400mm

TRONXY X5SA Pro 3D Printer 330*330*400mm Item NO: X5SA Pro 3D Printer

US$ 449.10
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  • 【linear Guide design】Ultra-high precision, super stability, long service life.
  • 【Using TITAN Extruder 】 Which is adapted to a variety of filaments,such as PLA、ABS、PETG、WOOD、TPU、FXABLE
  • 【Filament run out detection】 Filament run out detection:when the filament runs out or disconnected, the printer will automatically suspended and sends out a warning signal to ensure the model can be smoothly printed.
  • 【More features 】Silent pulley, Two-way cooling fan, Wiring in the box of motherboard,3.5inch Color touch screen, and auto leveling, etc.
Product Name TRONXY X5SA Pro 3D Printer 330*330*400mm
Item NO X5SA Pro 3D Printer
Weight 11 kg = 24.2508 lb = 388.0136 oz
Category 3D Printer > X5SA Series
Brand Tronxy
Creation time 2019-11-05



Got it fast. In the work has not yet tried.



 What is not to like with this printer? This thing is big and very well put together. It comes with everything you need and more. It has built auto bed leveling which makes thing much easier to setup. The bed can handle PLA and PETG, that black print on my picture shows how well the petg sticks and less stringy. Can print fast and big volume. This is the best value you can get out of a 3D printer.



Updating my original view to 5 stars. The more I use this machine, the better I like it!

This is my second 3D printer. The first one I had to return because it stopped working after a few prints. The Tronxy is actually a little bigger than the first one, which I like. Also, I love the CoreXY design, as taller prints shold be much more stable. I was a little hesitant to buy this printer in the first place, partly because of the proprietary firmware, but it’s actually very easy to update the firmware settings by simply sending the Gcode commands and saving them. In fact, I think it’s easier than changing configuration files, compiling the firmware, then flashing the printer.

Another reason I was initially hesitant to buy is because of the dearth of reviews sine this is a fairly new model. After all’s been said and done, however, I’m quite glad I made the purchase, as I’m really liking this printer the more I use it.

Assembly wasn’t actually easy. This is a KIT, not just something where you bolt 2 or 3 parts together. but the assembly instructions are pretty easy to follow if you read carefully and take your time. It took me about 8 hours total, and I’m pretty mechanically inclined. Once built, the framework is pretty solid. Just be careful to thoroughly clean all the wheels for the moving parts that run Along the tracks. Some of mine had shmutz on them that prevented them from running smoothly, but with a thorough cleaning they are silky-smooth. One thing: you probably don’t have to worry about missing screws nuts and bolts, as Tronxy includes WAY more than are actually needed for assembly. This is great, especially the extra boat nuts and matching bolts, as it’s allowed me to easily bolt various parts I printed and plan to print to the frame.

There are a couple of Facebook groups dedicated to Tronxy, including the “official” company group, so if you encounter any questions you can’t figure out you can post them and get pretty quick responses from fellow-users.

About the only thing I would wish for at this point would be a direct drive extruder, and maybe at some point I’ll put one in. My first printer had one and it seemed much easier to dial in appropriate setting in my slicer (I use Cura). But maybe I’ll get the hang of it and stick with the Bowden setup. Time will tell.

In summary, I would recommend this printer. Make sure you opt for the PRO and not the regular X5SA, though. The Pro has some superior components that should last longer and perform better, such as the linear rails and the Titan extruder. And be aware that it’s going to take some work to put this unit together. You’ll be rewarded with a quality piece of machinery which works well as is, and can also be a great foundation for upgraded components if you want to follow that path now or in the future.


Jason Perkins

Smooth, quiet and user friendly! Love this machine!