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TRONXY X5SA Pro 3D Printer 330*330*400mm

TRONXY X5SA Pro 3D Printer 330*330*400mm Item NO.: X5SA-Pro

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  • 【High precision dual axis guide OSG guide rail】,
  • 【Titan extruder】,
  • 【30P intergrated wiring】,
  • 【Auto leveling】,
  • 【Safety 24V power supply】,
  • 【Filament run-out detection】,
  • 【Power-off resume print】,
  • 【3.5 inch touch screen】,
  • 【It is a DIY assembly machine. It is more suitable for some enthusiasts with 3D printing experience to buy. Of course, if you are a DIY enthusiast or a beginner who is willing to spend a lot of time to assemble and learn 3D printing, you can also choose to buy】
Product Name TRONXY X5SA Pro 3D Printer 330*330*400mm
Item NO. X5SA-Pro
Weight 17 kg = 37.4786 lb = 599.6574 oz
Category 3D Printer > X5SA Series > X5SA Pro
Tag TRONXY X5SA Pro , X5SA Pro
Brand Tronxy
Creation Time 2019-11-05

Tronxy DIY large format X5SA Pro 3d printer Product Parameters:

  • Print Principle: FDM (Fused deposition molding)
  • Machine size: 580×645×660mm(22.84 ×25.4×25.99 in)
  • Print size: 330× 330×400 mm(12.992×12.992×15.75 in)
  • Machine weight:14kg (30.86 lb )
  • Print color: monochrome
  • Print thickness: 0.1-0.3 mm (optional) (0.003937-0.011811 in)
  • 1、Advantages of X5SA Pro durable diy 3d printer:
  • The difference with X5SA is that X5SA PRO uses 2-axis guide rail and TITAN extruder. The service life and printing accuracy of the slider are higher. The movable panel can be removed after printing the model, 
  • thereby reducing the difficulty of removing the model.
  • (1) The difference between X5SA Pro and X5SA: Titan extruder is added, TPU filament can be used, the feed is more stable, and the playability is stronger. Provide users with more options.
  • (2) The difference between X5SA Pro and X5SA: The OSG external dual-axis guide rail is added to achieve industrial-level printing accuracy, smoother movement and longer service life.
  • (3) X5SA Pro is a 3D printer specially developed for people who like large-size printing and DIY. Users need to install and debug by themselves. In this process, they can enjoy the fun of DIY assembly. Users can innovate 
  • and modify the appearance of X5SA Pro according to their own ideas to satisfy users' creativity.
  • 2、Be careful before buying:
  • (1) ----Before performing automatic leveling, please make sure that the position of the adjustable sensor is not lower than the nozzle position. After some automatic leveling operations, please make sure that the difference
  •  between the data is less than 0.05mm. Don't forget to set the ZOFFSET distance.
  • (2) The purpose of -TRONXY 3D printer is to provide our customers with a good user experience. All 3D printers undergo strict printing tests before they leave the factory, so if there are filaments remaining in the nozzles, this is normal. Do not worry.
  • (3)-If it is found that the print head assembly and the print platform are shaking, they are normal after transportation. Tighten the eccentric nut, this is not a quality problem. 
  • (4)-Don't miss the orange card reader and SD card, machine assembly manual, printing test file and slicing software included in the SD card.
  • (5) The attached SD card provides an electronic version of the operating instructions and a link to the installation video. After receiving the package, please check the integrity of the parts first. If any parts are missing or damaged, please contact the after-sales service email as soon as possible. 
  • (6) If you find that the actual printing time is longer than the estimated time of the slicing software, please don't worry. This is not a quality issue. Please contact our after-sales service to update the firmware parameters. This problem is easy to solve

X5SA Pro large 3d printer Product Parameters

Positioning accuracy X/Y:S0.00625mm,Z:S0.00125mm
Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm (0.015748 in)
Print speed 20~100mm/s (suggest 60mm/s)
Filament 1.75mm,PLA, ABS, PETG 、TPU flexibility
Slice software Tronxy Slicing software
Instrument material Aluminum profile, sheet metal
Connection USB interface, TF card
File format G-CODE
Operating software Repetier-Host.Cura
Operating system Windows
Hot bed temperature Up to 100℃(Up to 212 ºF)
Nozzle temperature Up to 275℃( UP to 527 ºF)
Ambient temperature 8℃-40℃( 46.4 ºF -104 ºF)
Environmental humidity 20%-80%
Power input 110V/220V
Power output 24V 360W

External dual axis guide OSG

The external dual-axis OSG guide rail is composed of a guide rail and a slider. The width of the guide rail is 25mm, the height of the guide rail is 20mm, and the length of the guide rail is 460MM. The width of the slider is 70MM. It has the following characteristics

          (1) "0" clearance, the eccentric wheel on the OSG slider can adjust the smoothness and tightness of the guide rail, sliding smoothly at high speed, low noise, and high precision
          (2) High dust-proof performance, the slider adopts the form of rollers, and dustproof oil seals are installed on both sides of the slider
          (3) Unique design, the guide rail itself is light and simple, and easy to maintain
          (4) High repeat positioning accuracy: the guide rail has no obvious error within 6 meters
          (5) High abrasion resistance: the steel shaft has been specially hardened and has extremely high abrasion resistance

          (6) Robust product design (a combination of aluminum and high-carbon steel)

          (7) The material is acid and alkali resistant and corrosion resistant. Precise mold forming, surface natural color anodic oxidation treatment and special treatment for blackening electroplating, plus high frequency heat treatment chrome plated guide shaft, hardness HRC62+/-2 surface chrome plated to ensure no rust. Not only is the appearance beautiful, but also has a little acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance.



The bottom line: I was impressed with initial printing capabilities of the TRONXY X5SA PRO 3D Printer. I was impressed with the design and the build. This advanced piece of 3-d technology was the perfect upgrade for me as I have gained experience in 3-d printing over the past 5 years. TRONXY has built an incredible printer, that prints exceptionally well, for a very reasonable price. I would recommend them, and this printer to anyone.I was able to build the printer, using the instruction manual, over several days (but collectively, about 12 hrs). The printer comes with a .4 nozzle, but I changed that out for a .3 nozzle (the size I am accustomed most to printing with). The auto balance system works well - I can normally tune it within .1 of the measurements. The touch screen and onboard interface made it easy to fine tune the height calibration, (and the calibration option available at print time also allowed me to quickly draw in the Height calibration to the perfect setting). I initially chose a small figurine, with various supports and details, to see how it compared to prints on my old printer - This printer handled that test exceptionally and my print was far better than expected, using only the default settings on the slicer and printer.Initially, I made some rookie mistakes when attempting to print - I didn't make sure my Bowden tube was inserted all of the way and I made my initial height calibration way too high. I also did not tighten everything down as well as I should have when I changed the nozzle. None of these issues were due to the design or mechanics of the TRONXY X5SA PRO 3D Printer - it was all due to user error.If you are an expert - The build will be easy and the TRONXY X5SA PRO 3D Printer will most assuredly work for you immediately.If you are advanced - The build should be fairly easy, and any problems you find should be easily resolvable through your current knowledge and troubleshooting experience with 3-D printers. Any problems you can't immediately resolve can be resolved by the TRONXY support team.If you are a beginner - The build will be new to you, and some things may not immediately make sense, but it should still be fairly simple. You might expect problems on your initial print, and may have to do some troubleshooting to resolve issues due to inexperience (like making sure your Bowden tube is pushed as far as it should go, to the bottom of the HotEnd before attempting to print, or making sure everything in your HotEnd has been tightened).If you plan to pursue 3-D printing, you must be patient and observant, and you must take time to understand how everything on your printer operates (and expect that this will take time to learn). For you, the good news, is there is a large community of people out there, including the Tonxy team, who have built a large knowledge base of information over the years to explain things and to help everyone learn how to make things work. Google will be your friend.As for the printer - top class, excellent printing system. great architecture and a perfect design. I expect to get hundreds of hours of print time out of this system and expect the TRONXY X5SA PRO 3D Printer to do some amazing things for me.



this was a very satisfying project. Building things like this with my son are a great bonding experience. building it solo can also be very satisfying. This is my second Tronxy printer. This particular model has a much larger format and some built in features that make it easier to run.the bed level sensor helps to speed up the process of setting up to print. The glass bed prevents warping. You may see that I use tape and you can note that I also use glue stick. I do this to make sure I protect the surface and make the piece easier to remove from the print surface.We spent a weekend building and then spent about 45 minutes to get the first print from the system. The first print was one of the supplied Tronxy test prints and it turned out fine. My next 2 prints were standard benchmark prints: The first was the Benchy model. everything was as clean as expected. the 3rd print was a lot more challenging for most printers and this was an overall 3D printer file. This file tests most if not all aspects of a 3D printer functionality. if you look at the last proto provided the resolution is spot on. Overhangs are clean and text is clean.This is a quality printer and the price was exactly what I was looking for. The frame is solid print quality is exactly as expected. I have yet to start printing my large format projects but this will be starting soon.Tronxy printers have a quality you can trust at a price you can afford.



Let’s get this out of the way, the Tronxy X5SA Pro is huge! It took me a while to get it put together, update the firmware, and get some calibration prints going. It needed a firmware update as soon as I got it started up but Abby at Tronxy was very helpful in getting me the right stuff. The bonuses here are the responsive touch screen, auto bed leveling, textured glass bed, and print bed size. I can’t wait to get started making some bigger prints!



This machine has been great. The assembly takes some time, but it's worth it. The only thing wrong with what i received was the filament that it came with was shredded. put my own filament in and no problems at all. The glass bed and new levelling sensor make all the difference over my old X5SA 400. this one is smoother, gives much better prints and even keeps up the quality when i crank up the speed.



Got the printer running and was pleased with the result. I never had to contact tech support, plenty of useful videos online. The printer has a lot of nice features, I like the auto leveling the best.These kits are for people who like to tinker. You get a nice printer for a good price if you are willing to spend a little time learning about the machine while building it.



This is my second X5SA-400.I am happy with them. The performance is great.Assembly time is really short compared with other 3d printers, due to the assembly manual, and experience from Tronxy customer service.Titan extruder is Ok, a little bit heavy, but maybe a later conversion to Orbiter extruder will be great.Rigidity and architecture is great too.I made a Z axis sync improvements, and I highly recommend it.I installed Octoprint on a Raspberry Pi 3A, and works perfect.I am still learning how to improve the adhesion on the Lattice Glass bed, my previous Tronxy X5SA-400 has a steel magnetic build plate.The improvement with the black sensor is great!



This is my second X5SA-400.I am happy with them. The performance is great.Assembly time is really short compared with other 3d printers, due to the assembly manual, and experience from Tronxy customer service.Titan extruder is Ok, a little bit heavy, but maybe a later conversion to Orbiter extruder will be great.Rigidity and architecture is great too.I made a Z axis sync improvements, and I highly recommend it.I installed Octoprint on a Raspberry Pi 3A, and works perfect.I am still learning how to improve the adhesion on the Lattice Glass bed, my previous Tronxy X5SA-400 has a steel magnetic build plate.The improvement with the black sensor is great!



This is a great printer that is capable of amazing upgrades and perfectly capable of anything you want. Love it.



The value for the money was good. It is very much a kit. If you have experience from a prior build and want to explore core xy printing and want a bigger build volume, this is a good kit.I say that prior experience is important because I had to bump the Vref voltage to the Z stepper drivers to get it to work properly. Otherwise, the build was pretty straight forward. You should watch a few videos on the build on YouTube to get familiar with it. I would highly suggest investing in a set of 20 or so 2040 corner brackets with t-nuts and screws included to help square up the frame and add rigidity. They are cheap and easy to install.The GoodThe printer is very quiet as it has TMC2225 stepper drivers.The linear rails for the XY gantry are very sturdy and smooth moving.The heated bed warms up very quickly owing to the 24V power supply.It has a large print volume.It is not built with any 3D printed parts.The aluminum extrusions make it very sturdy.The BadI had to adjust Vref to the Z stepper driver. Not horrible, but that is why I say you should have some prior knowledge and experience.If you want to add a second extruder or have independent Z drivers so that you can use G34 to sync both sides of the build plate, you will need a new mainboard and install Marlin yourself (which is pretty easy to do these days). The mainboard that it ships with only supports 1 extruder. I will probably do this later.I had to give it a 4 instead of a 5 because of the Vref Z stepper motor problem.This was not in the manual and online help did not cover this topic.It is a good value.It can be made much better with the plentiful mods available from Thingiverse and the various user groups online.



I have been running this machine for a while now and it has been a decent work horse and makes great prints.The larger size allows me to make some prints I can not make with the average size printer and the quiet board means I don’t have to wear ear plugs all the time.Over all this machine is good for the experienced user who wants something that will get the job done.I see a lot of reviews from what appears to be people who have no idea how FDM printing works and expects everything to just work.Rarely is this the case for any printer.



I ordered this printer after hearing about the glass print bed (and the mounting clamps), metal linear rails, and the new z probe. I have wanted to get a larger printer and figured what the hay. I ordered it and it came quickly. The assembly was very straight forward with clear instructions with nice packaging so things are difficult to mess up. As with all 3d printers, the end results depend on your ability to build the printer square and level. I assumed that the printer would take a few days to build, but I was surprised when I was finished after a few hours. This is a great printer for the price.I think it is important to discuss what you are getting with this printer to be a fair review. This is a build it yourself printer with most of the board wiring done for you. First off for the price, I don't think you can build anything like this on your own (sourcing the parts). The linear rails are great! They are not hiwens but they work wonderfully and are a huge improvement over the rubber rollers found on other printers at a similar price point. The glass bed is nice, i am more used to printing on pei sheets, but now that I have tried the glass, I won't be going back.The only negative parts of this printer are the standard low cost printer things. These of course are: speed and power, extruder and hotend. Thus far, I have had zero issues with the hotend or extruder and the power and speed are acceptable for my needs.The touch screen interface is probably one of my favorite features of Tronxy printers. The reason for this is the bed leveling give you information on how your bed should be leveled. It is so much more intuitive that other leveling controls I have used-like klipper or marlin (great firmware, but not as intuitive as Tronxy's leveling). It has the functions of restart after power loss and filament sensor pausing, which although I don't care much for these features, they are great addition if you do long prints... and you will.Building: Be sure to make every plane parallel and perpendicular. Square and level are your friends-make sure these are a part of your build process and you shouldn't have any issues. Once you have everything built, ensure that the 2 sides of the bed are level on the z plane, by measuring the four corners to the frame. after that everything is easy sailing.Why a 5 star review? it is a great value for a 3d printer. Lets face it, when you get into 3d printing, you always are going to want to change something--Extruder not the best, bowden tube not the best, hot end not the best, and so on and so forth, you will change then and be happy with your upgrades... Its just how people who are into 3d printing are--always want improvements. With this printer, having all of the features it has, is an incredible value at the price. I would challenge anyone to find a better printer for the same cost that has the same features and capabilities. I bought this printer and I am happy with it. All that being said, I don't feel that this printer needs any upgrading.



This printer was a blast to put together. Instructions were ok but it was good to watch a few videos for tips on installation. My first print came out excellent as seen in the picture.



This printer was a blast to put together. Instructions were ok but it was good to watch a few videos for tips on installation. My first print came out excellent as seen in the picture.



The Tronxy x5sa pro is my third 3d printer. I chose it because I wanted to try a core-xy printer in a larger format and I wanted a kit so that I could tinker with it. The printer arrived well packed and all the parts looked great. I was impressed with the linear rails, all metal z guides, titan extruder and overall fit and finish.I saw a couple of assembly videos before buying this so I knew what to expect. The assembly manual is bare bones and leaves out some important adjustments that should be done such as adjusting the tension of the linear guides as they all where too tight. One thing about any 3d printer is that the frame needs to be 100% square. I used a carpenter angle during assembly and added some right angle brackets on every possible corner which really helped in getting it perfect. I saw a video in which the user had trouble getting the gantry square but I found it to be pretty easy. All I did was push the gantry all the way back and attach the belts. I then positioned the gantry in the middle and checked for squareness. I was a little off but I just determined which side needed to be tightened up and tightened it up by one belt tooth. That was it, easy peasy. (After a few prints, I found that the belts stretched so I had to tighten up both sides of the built by the same amount)I got some decent prints straight out of the box but the print took too long in my opinion. I decided to change the firmware to marlin 2.0 and that worked fine. However, I missed a few features of the tronxy firmware, namely the screen that shows the results of the automatic bed leveling that made adjusting the beds physical position easy and the view of the object that displayed when you picked a file off of the sd card. Also, I want to try the Tronxy wifi module so I went back to the tronxy firmware and started investigating why it was slow. I found a post online that suggested that the acceleration was set extremely low for a core-xy printer so I modified the firmware. This is easier to do then marlin since all you have to do is “print” a gcode file instead of having the compile new firmware. I saved the old configuration and then modified the configuration with the following:M8006 I120; starting speedM8007 I20; rail turning speed (Jerk)M8008 I3000; accelerationM8007 E20; E rail turn speedM8008 E120; E accelerationM8012 I300; XY maximum speedM8013 I30; Z max speedM8014 I150; E maximum speedM8500 save configurationAfter changing to the above configuration, the print speed was much better although cura (my slicer software) greatly inflates the estimated print times.One mod I made after a few prints is to tie the two z screws together with a belt. I did this because the z screws turn rather freely when the printer is off causing one side of the bed to drop. The belt just ties keeps the two sides in sync.One last note is that I found that the Tronxy support to be very helpful. I had a self induced problem with an upgrade to the printer and their support staff worked for several days to get it resolved. This was done over email since their work hours are different then mine. I usually get a response to my emails around 9-10 pm est. Having them help me with a problem that I caused really has earned my respect.



I can only complain about 2 things. First is the steppers disabling at the end of the print requiring bed leveling on each print. Second is it is a bit slow. Besides those 2 things it prints well.



If you want an affordable kit of parts to build a large format 3d-printer from this is it. Packaging was great, parts arrived in pristine shape. Almost all of the parts are metal and well designed. All manufacturing seems to be high quality, beyond normal Chinese standards. Instruction manual is not very detailed but machine is not too complex, and went together easily. I recommend putting it together loosely at first, then using a machinist square when you tighten the frame up. The most important change I made was to upgrade to Marlin Firmware, compiled for Chitu V6. It now works flawlessly with a standard software toolchain. Warning: the stock printbed sticks too well to PLA and will be damaged when removing prints, I fixed this by using gluestick, this works well. The 6 point leveling for the bed is a hassle, but I added 2 more points to the tramming wizard in Marlin to help me keep it level. I will probably upgrade to 3 point leveling with a thicker bed and 120V heater soon.



I have read that this is not a beginners build, but have lots of experience with electronics I decided to give this a try. I also have a few friends that also own this unit, heavily modded, they are guiding me. So far the packing and materials seem high quality, higher than I expected. Once I have the until built and printing I will update this thread and change the star status. Stars are for delivery, packing, and the quality of the materials so far. More to follow.



I have seen numerous reviews saying RUN AWAY and DONT BUY ... here are my opinions.(For the record, this is my first 3D printer and have never done 3D printing before!)If you are not mechanically inclined, you may want to pass on this, the only complaint I have is that the contents are not labled well and the photos in the directions are not the best.I was able to build this and start printing within 4 hours NOTE: make sure you level the bed before you try anything, this was something I didn't do at firstThe contents were packaged very well, very sturdy once built( just make sure you put it on a sturdy surface, touch pad is easy to figure out and use, came with all tools needed and more than enough extra screws in case you lose a few, usb interface worked right away with my laptop (windows 10 64bit) and micro sd card slot had no issues.I am overall very pleased with this machine and am glad I went with it!



PROS:With some mechanical aptitude it is not difficult to assemble.Auto level is nice and it works quite well.Z axis offset is easy to set from the touch screen.First print was good with very few issues and the issues I had were operator error.Very quiet.Any requests for support were answered within 24 hours. Usually less than 12 hours.CONS:Instructions are lacking clarity in some areas. However follow the online videos and within a few hours you will have a decent 3D printer.Stepper voltage adjustments were necessary right out of the box. Access to those adjustments is requires disassembly of the control box. Not a simple task.All in all for the price this is quite good.



Now for starters this printer is not for beginners. The description saws so. Its quite difficult to get setup. Plan on a day to assemble and get started. Once assembled it seems to be pretty good. Make sure everything is square and level and it should work great. The bed heats up nicely. Have not needed tech support yet. The instructions were not super helpful but it can be done. the printer is not small. Its quite large and enables large prints