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TRONXY X5SA Pro 3D Printer 330*330*400mm
TRONXY X5SA Pro 3D Printer 330*330*400mm


US$ 358.20 US$ 450.00
Reviews (32)
  • 2021-03-02
    If you want an affordable kit of parts to build a large format 3d-printer from this is it. Packaging was great, parts arrived in pristine shape. Almost all of the parts are metal and well designed. All manufacturing seems to be high quality, beyond normal Chinese standards. Instruction manual is not very detailed but machine is not too complex, and went together easily. I recommend putting it together loosely at first, then using a machinist square when you tighten the frame up. The most important change I made was to upgrade to Marlin Firmware, compiled for Chitu V6. It now works flawlessly with a standard software toolchain. Warning: the stock printbed sticks too well to PLA and will be damaged when removing prints, I fixed this by using gluestick, this works well. The 6 point leveling for the bed is a hassle, but I added 2 more points to the tramming wizard in Marlin to help me keep it level. I will probably upgrade to 3 point leveling with a thicker bed and 120V heater soon.
  • 2021-01-19
    I have read that this is not a beginners build, but have lots of experience with electronics I decided to give this a try. I also have a few friends that also own this unit, heavily modded, they are guiding me. So far the packing and materials seem high quality, higher than I expected. Once I have the until built and printing I will update this thread and change the star status. Stars are for delivery, packing, and the quality of the materials so far. More to follow.
  • 2020-12-07
    I have seen numerous reviews saying RUN AWAY and DONT BUY ... here are my opinions.(For the record, this is my first 3D printer and have never done 3D printing before!)If you are not mechanically inclined, you may want to pass on this, the only complaint I have is that the contents are not labled well and the photos in the directions are not the best.I was able to build this and start printing within 4 hours NOTE: make sure you level the bed before you try anything, this was something I didn't do at firstThe contents were packaged very well, very sturdy once built( just make sure you put it on a sturdy surface, touch pad is easy to figure out and use, came with all tools needed and more than enough extra screws in case you lose a few, usb interface worked right away with my laptop (windows 10 64bit) and micro sd card slot had no issues.I am overall very pleased with this machine and am glad I went with it!
  • 2020-10-27
    PROS:With some mechanical aptitude it is not difficult to assemble.Auto level is nice and it works quite well.Z axis offset is easy to set from the touch screen.First print was good with very few issues and the issues I had were operator error.Very quiet.Any requests for support were answered within 24 hours. Usually less than 12 hours.CONS:Instructions are lacking clarity in some areas. However follow the online videos and within a few hours you will have a decent 3D printer.Stepper voltage adjustments were necessary right out of the box. Access to those adjustments is requires disassembly of the control box. Not a simple task.All in all for the price this is quite good.
  • 2020-10-04
    Now for starters this printer is not for beginners. The description saws so. Its quite difficult to get setup. Plan on a day to assemble and get started. Once assembled it seems to be pretty good. Make sure everything is square and level and it should work great. The bed heats up nicely. Have not needed tech support yet. The instructions were not super helpful but it can be done. the printer is not small. Its quite large and enables large prints
  • 2020-10-03
    This is my first printer and so far I really like it. If you cannot assemble anything you may want something else. Here is what I did I went to you tube and they will tell you how to assemble it. The instructions that come with it are useless. I did have to shim the drive unit for the Z axis because the screw drive was in a bind. Leveling the bed is another thing. I just tightened the knobs all the way to bring the bed down and then went from there leveling it. The magnetic mat is well useless, I get the idea but getting anything to really bond to it is not so good. I recommend you go ahead and get a glass bed and some adhesive for your print. You do get a good amount of extras with the kit. You really cannot go wrong with this printer just be patient in your assembly. I will be upgrading parts which I do with everything I buy. Very easy to print with.
  • 2020-09-29
    I have been looking at 3d printer of large size and rigid construction for a while now and finally decided it was time to buy one.Assembly took a little while but the instructions were clear. I am good at reading instructions and electronics so I build this without help of others. I see YouTube videos also that show step-by-step installation to supplement the instructions. Be sure to follow instructions and make sure everything is level and align. The setup is a commitment, so be prepared to devote the necessary time to do it right. The bearings for the belt are very nice fixed rollers instead of washers like the older model. The belts are high quality. it took some adjustment but wasn't a terrible process to do. I spend about 5 hours to assemble.Manu is good and clear. So far I have only used the SD to print. I have done only a handful of small projects. What i can say so far is this printer is nice. Very quiet operation and components move smoothly as you would expect.The printer parts look and feel like good quality so I expect it last quite some time. the screen also reacts as expected with no lag.As other review has suggested there is also good Facebook community for this brand. Excited to start playing more with this and getting creative to see what I can create. So many cool projects out there!
  • 2020-08-14
    Parfait pour commencer l'impression 3D
  • 2020-07-08
    Great product for the price! You can't beat the quality and build area size. It's my first printer and I hit the ground running. But like any craft, it takes practice. I would totally recommend this printer for someone new to making.
  • 2020-06-25
    This is my 1st printer and it's great! I'm a hands-on kinda guy and while I was advised not to go with this model because its not for beginners, I found out that it was a little harder than I thought to assemble but not impossible if you have a technical mindset. I'm still tweaking it to acheive the best results and it's important to say that it worked well enough right away. While waiting for delivery I watched many videos for assembly and troubleshooting and it helped a lot. Overall very satisfied with my purchase!
  • 2020-06-16
    Best filament printer on the market but I wish it did come with Different size nozzles
  • 2020-06-11
    The TRONXY X5SA PRO printer has quickly become my favorite printing platform. It was very simple to build and it produces beautiful results. It has been reliable and has delivered on everything I expected. Thanks for the great product!! This is my 4th 3D printer and the best so far. I've read the other reviews on this machine and it seems that people either love it or hate it. Frankly the negative reviews are ridiculous.If you buy this printer, DON T expect it to print by itself and reload its own filament and make you coffee while you wait. It has an operational procedure that -- if followed -- works every time. Once you learn not to lean on the print bed after you level it you'll get remarkable results. I've had 0 problems with the long Bowden tube once I tied it to the cable chain so it would not tangle with the moving parts. Never had a heat problem with the power supply. Mine is absolutely silent in operation. If you know anything about motion and control, you'll easily figure out you have to adjust the XY slider cars to have a slight preload (drag) using the eccentric screws. This improves the performance of the printer. The print head is light and the response is good. I run mine slow anyway because I never saw a benefit on any of my printers to pushing speed to the limit. You always get better results with a moderate speed.Finally, the comments regarding the software are uncalled for. I have used their TRONCY software with no problems but have fallen into using SImplify3D as I prefer that package to any other. It works perfectly with this printer. I have also used CURA and it worked fine as well.I would have concerns if this printer pushes over $500 in cost as there are better printers in that price range, however, at the price I paid I am delighted.
  • 2020-06-04
    I purchased the xy-2 pro and it has been great. I just decided I needed a second printer for my new home. So I decided on the X5SA PRO . My X5SA PRO Arrived within 15 days after purchase and in excellent condition. This tronxy x5sa pro is very popular and I can see why. It is a beast.I have never worked with a finer company than Tronxy. They are tops and will get all my future purchases.
  • 2020-05-23
    Prodotto ottimo, istruzioni per il montaggio facili e intuitive. Però non spiegano come settare bene la macchina, metterla in piano. Devono sapere che i neofiti come me queste cose non le sanno, ma con dei video in internet, ho fatto un ottimo lavoro. La prima stampa e anche le altre sono andate bene tutte al primo tentativo
  • 2020-05-22
    if your good at reading instructions and electronics you can build this in about 5-6 hours if not faster. I have had this printer for about a week and it has not had a day where it wasnt printing. the first few days i was doing test prints to calibrate my filament and the settings in my slicer. after that got all done i have printed upgrades in petg and now im in the process of printing a bust as a present. The quality of the prints have been good and at certain layer heights its almost as good as a injection molded item. If your having trouble with this printer id suggest checking facebook groups and other communitys to get help or even contacting support.
  • 2020-05-17
    This is a good printer but needs upgrades the filament censer is hard to load. but short of that not bad , i would suggest an upgrade on the titan as well. I don't suggest this for first time buyers because of the assembly process.but over all good product. I'm happy with the price and Item it took 3 and half hours to complete.
  • 2020-05-11
    Ok this is my first printer and I am a hands on have to build it and the instructions are pretty good.i did a test print which turned out good and currently doin my first project print.
  • 2020-05-11
    very happy with product, print quality is nice just make sure to re-level the bead before each use if printer was turned off so you wont mess up the build plate like i did.. but if someone is looking for a good 3d printer you should be happy with this because of the printing quality and large build volume
  • 2020-03-07
    The printer arrived in Germany quickly within 2 days after payment, it prints well from the box. On my model is written Troxy X5SA Pro . New mainboard design. the rails with carriages did not jam before and after washing and lubrication. In general, my opinion is an excellent printer.
  • 2020-02-10
    I don’t have any issues with this.Yes it took awhile to assemble, but if you’re slightly experienced, it isn’t bad at all.Only took a couple hours and I had it printing like a champ.
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