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Talk about TRONXY Firmware Update

When do we need to update the firmware?

1. If the machine has uncontrollable problems, contact the purchase platform or after-sales mailbox, attach the order number and purchase platform, explain the problem of the machine, provide pictures and videos, and get a faster solution.

2. There is a great deviation between the estimated printing time of the slicing software and the actual printing time.

3. The machine restarts automatically or the SD card cannot be recognized.

4. The machine is used normally for a period of time, the printing speed is reduced, and it needs to be updated normally.

How can we get the latest firmware?
1.The latest firmware, you can contact the purchase platform, provide machine ID and SN code, order ID.

Advantages and disadvantages: Accurately obtain the firmware, if there are corresponding problems, additional firmware update versions can be carried out through after-sales. The response speed depends on different platforms, and the response time on the Amazon platform is within 24 hours = The optimal solution is recommended.

2.Universal stable firmware, obtained from its official website:

(Click on site - Support - File download) The official website contains the downloadable electronic manual of the machine, Slicer software available for the machine, Marlin Firmware (need to correspond to your own model)
Advantages and disadvantages: Direct, save time, high firmware stability, but not necessarily the latest firmware, you need to correspond to the machine model yourself, easy to make mistakes.

3. The latest firmware, contact through the official after-sales email(, provide machine ID and SN code, order ID.
Advantages and disadvantages: Accurately obtain the firmware, which can help solve the problem, the response speed is slow, there will be a problem transfer to different people, and some problems need to correspond to the actual purchase platform.

Firmware update process?
After contacting the after-sales staff, you will get a link to download the file.
Refer to the video download file - Put it in the root directory of the SD card (preferably keep only the downloaded folder) - Insert the SD card into the machine - Turn on the power of the machine - Wait for the firmware update - The TRONXY interface appears again, the update is successful.

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