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Happy Father's Day Extra Special Offer

#Happy Father's Day  Extra Special Offer

BUY OVER $400 | $20 OFF 

Gemini XS IDEX 3d Printer now $498.39(was $699) (areadly a discount price) include Two Head Multicolor Independent Dual Extruder

Tronxy XY-3 Pro V2 Direct Drive 3D Printer 300*300*400mm + LASER HEAD + TPU 1KG for gift!!

Tronxy XY-3 SE 3-IN-1 3D Printer 255*255*260mm Single + Dual + Laser Head

Tronxy IDEX 3D Printer $538.92(was $998) (areadly a discount price)Gemini S IDEX 300*300*390mm

Tronxy Moore 1 Mini Clay 3d printer 180*180*180mm

Tronxy 3D Printer Tronxy X5SA-400 PRO New with TR Sensor Auto Leveling + Lattice Glass Plate

BUY OVER $600 | $30 OFF 

Tronxy Ceramic & Clay 3D Printer Moore 2 Clay 3D Printer

Tronxy Moore 2 Pro Ceramic & Clay 3d printer 230mm*230mm*250mm with Feeding system electric putter

Tronxy X5SA-600 Large 3D Printer Direct Drive 3D Printer 600*600*600mm

Tronxy X5SA-500 PRO 3D Printer 500*500*600mm

Buy one get one free Gift!!!

Some models get Extra gift for 

PLA filament 1kg spool or Nozzle or sync wheels with belt For Free

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Extra offer Limited time: Jun 15 - Jun 30, 2022 

<< X5SA-600 Comprehensive upgrade to NEW type VEHO-600, please Stay tuned!!!

>> Talk about TRONXY Firmware Update